Low and middle value contracts

The SatCen regularly organises negotiated procurement procedures for the acquisition of supplies, works and services, in accordance with EU public procurement rules.

Negotiated procurement procedures with a value below the thresholds indicated in Article 4.4.1 of the SatCen Procurement Manual are regularly advertised in the table below. Economic operators are therefore invited to periodically check this page and, if interested in participating in one of the procedures, should complete the form below.


Low and middle value contractOPEN
Check if interestedProvision of Adobe licenses and subscriptions

I. Description of the contract The European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen) is planning to award a contract for the renewal and purchase of several Adobe licenses and subscriptions: • Acrobat Pro DC for teams Multi European Languages Team Licensing Subscription • Acrobat Pro DC for enterprise for SatCen´s classified network • Creative Cloud for teams All Apps Multi European Languages Team Licensing Subscription • Creative Cloud for teams Subscription for SatCen´s classified network • Adobe Spark for teams Multi European Languages Team Hosted Subscription The maximum budget for this contract is 55,000.00€, excluding VAT, covering all services until the complete delivery of the licenses and subscriptions. Contract signature is expected for late December or beginning January 2021. II. Description of the procurement procedure This ex-ante publicity is the first stage of a negotiated procurement procedure (with consultation of at least 3 candidates) through which the SatCen may award the above-mentioned contract. The purpose of this notice is to support the SatCen in the selection of candidates to be invited to submit an offer. Economic operators interested in participating in this procedure may send their declarations of interest, indicating the lot(s) that they are interested in, along with their names, address and business details, on or before 09/12/2020, through our procurement portal: https://www.satcen.europa.eu/Procurement/low-and-middle-value-contracts. In their declarations of interest (300 words maximum), economic operators should demonstrate their ability to fulfil the contract and provide details of their experience in the field of the contract. The SatCen will assess this information in order to select suitable candidates invited to participate. This publication has an indicative value and constitutes no obligation to award a contract for the SatCen. Selected tenderers, invited by the contracting authority to participate in the procedure, will be sent the tender documentation. We look forward to receiving your declarations of interest.

Until 09/12/2020· SATCEN-NP-27/20

To express you interest please select the procedures you are interested in above and submit the form below.