Eligibility criteria and fees

Eligibility criteria and fees

All courses are designed for SatCen personnel although, in case of spare seats, the attendance is also open to officially nominated personnel from EU Member States, Third States and International Organisations having a collaboration agreement with the SatCen.

The SatCen retains the right to select attendees according to the availability of seats on the course. Priority will be given in the following order: SatCen staff, experts on secondment at the SatCen, candidates appointed by EU Member States and official bodies, governmental and international organizations (with priority for candidatures from entities that have signed a MoU with the SatCen).

Applications from private companies and/or individuals will not be considered.

Fees for SatCen Training Courses

Please note that depending on the organisations that attendees are affiliated to, three different levels of fees are applied. These fees are to attend any single module of the training:

SatCen staff, Experts on Secondment, EU Council and EEAS staff: Full exemption

EU Member States and Other EU Organizations (50% exemption): 600 Euros

All other authorised attendees: 1,200 Euros

Payment details will be notified together with acceptance letter and inscription information. Participants shall cover their own accommodation and travel costs. Once participation in a training course has been confirmed by the SatCen, the following two payment methods are available:

1. Bank transfer: please note that unless the amount has been received on the Satellite Centre’s bank account one working day in advance of the start date of the course, the participant will be required to pay in cash on the first day of the course.

2. Cash: payment will be collected on the first day of the course.

If an original invoice is needed for the payment, please inform the SatCen accordingly, as soon as participation has been confirmed. For all courses held at EUSC, fees include a basic insurance covering the attendee stay in Spain for the entire period of the course.