The Satellite Centre conducts specialized training for imagery analysts. Given the broad range of activities and expertise available in the Satellite Centre, analysts are able to deepen and update their knowledge during their stay in the Centre. For this purpose, the Centre is constantly developing applied formative techniques and products, such as multimedia tutorials, remote sensing imagery processing, data fusion, etc.

A course is offered to Satellite Centre newcomers to familiarize them with SatCen activities and procedures. This includes a basic theoretical component containing courses on subjects such as digital image processing, satellite and sensor characteristics, SatCen output standards and products, and the imagery analysis of different reporting categories. Examples of these are airfields, ports and harbours, lines of communication, industrial installations and surface studies. There is also a practical phase presenting elements on the SatCen computing systems and software training, ERDAS and ArcGIS principally, together with assessment tasks.

A continuation-training programme is also implemented, which includes activities such as attendance at symposia, conferences and salons, the internal assignment of secondary duties site visits to installations and in house refresher courses/workshops. The latter are normally presented by the personnel of the Centre's Training Unit or by invited speakers, consultants or lecturers. Occasionally staff members also attend single modules of courses at university level.

The courses, originally designed for SatCen personnel, are now open to officially nominated personnel from EU member nations interested in the Training Programme.

Training Course Calendar 2022/2023