The Recognized Space Picture (RSP) Display study

The Recognized Space Picture (RSP) Display study was a common endeavour of EDA and EU SatCen for the benefit of Member States (MS). It started in July 2015 with a duration of 16 months and aimed to develop a common understanding for an RSP Display:

  • focusing on visualization aspects;
  • proposing a draft Operational Concept (OpsCon); and
  • analysing external interfaces and interoperability aspects.

The RSP can be considered as a continuous representative service providing the presentation of:

  • Detection, recognition, localization, orbital tracking, classification (space surveillance) of artificial space objects.
  • Identification, technical analysis of space objects of interest (space reconnaissance).
  • Ground and space threats assessment on space related activities, services and operations (threats assessment).
  • Recognition, display and analysis of environmental phenomena (space weather), supported by a multi-layered multimedia information architecture.

The study followed four phases:

  • Phase I: Analysis of high-level requirements for an RSP Display;
  • Phase II: Definition of scenarios and development of mock-ups;
  • Phase III: Proposal of Operational Concept applicable to an RSP Display system; and
  • Phase IV: Assessment of interoperability elements.

EDA SSA Project Team with its participating MS supported the study by providing feedback and guidelines in a regular basis.

The main outcome resulted from this study was a common understanding on what and how information could be displayed by an RSP information system at Operational HQ level. In particular, the study:

  • supported the refinement and validation of governmental/defence requirements on SSA.
  • recommended how to display information in different functional views.
  • proposed a draft OpsCon document with guidelines from MS.
  • identified interactions with external entities, which are analysed from an interoperability perspective.
  • provided mock-ups for visualization purposes.