Support to Precursor SSA Services (SPA)

The SPA project was an FP7 Support Action (Grant Agreement No. 262930) managed by the European Union Satellite Centre under the full control of Member States. It started on the 1st of March 2011 and lasted 20 months. SPA has backed SSA activities in Europe by providing a set of suggestions and recommendations to support decision-making regarding the development of SSA governance and data policy.

The SPA project has followed an analysis methodology based on use cases and scenarios suitable to perform an analytical and technical evaluation of the data policy and governance issues. This methodology aimed to:

  • Provide a systematic and pragmatic approach.
  • Develop an increased understanding of the problems arising from the analysis of data policy and governance needs.
  • Provide a platform for communication and discussion among stakeholders.
  • Provide a clear analysis roadmap to perform the SPA analysis work.

The methodology of the SPA project is described as follows:

a) First, a study on the importance of space from an economic and strategic point of view has been prepared.
b) Concurrently, a number of SSA-SST experimental services related to the protection of space infrastructure have been described.
c) Starting from (a) and (b), an analysis on existing SSA requirements has been performed and preliminary SSA-SST needs and requirements have been identified.
d) Then, high-level use cases and detailed use case scenarios have been defined as a tool to better understand and analyse data policy and governance needs in cooperation with relevant SSA stakeholders in Europe.
e) In a parallel way, main data policy topics and potential architecture models with relation to the governance of a future SSA-SST capability in Europe have been derived.
f) Finally, the SatCen performed an evaluation of SSA-SST use case scenarios in order to outline SSA-SST data policy and governance technical inputs as well as additional functional needs.
g) To perform this evaluation, the SatCen hosted within its already existing secure premises demonstrator software for the above SSA-SST services.
h) A final report has been produced summarising knowledge gained, lessons learned and the achievements of the SPA project with recommendations, in view of further developments of SSA in Europe, particularly on the technical aspects of its governance and data policy.