Secondment of experts

 These fields of activity are a priority:

  • Imagery analysts (optical, radar, infrared, hyper spectral, laser imaging detection, ranging or video imagery), geospecialist
  • Capability development / Training
  • Information Technology
  • EU Operations / missions intelligence support

Period: For a period from 6 months up to 3 years Rules: The EU Satellite Centre (SatCen) receives each year a number of Seconded national experts (SNEs). They are national or international civil servants or persons employed in the private sector deployed to work temporarily for the SatCen under the rules applicable to National Experts on Secondment to the European Union Satellite Centre as approved by the Board of the European Union on 18 July 2007. The secondment is subject to submission of candidature by the Member State.

SNEs have a dual role: to come to the SatCen with their work experience and to benefit from the knowledge acquired during their secondment.


SatCen requirements:

  • SNEs must have a security clearance equivalent to at least SECRET UE and professional experience of 3 years.
  • SNEs must have a thorough knowledge of one official language of the EU and a satisfactory knowledge of a second. (one of them should be English)
  • SNEs sign a Loyalty declaration upon arrival and upon departure.
  • Nationality of an EU member state or staff of European Union institutions or agencies
  • Driving licence


Secondment conditions:

Secondment shall be effected by Exchange of Letters between the Director of The SatCen and the Permanent Representation of the Member State concerned. Candidates should fill the SatCen application form.

Candidatures have to be submitted through the Permanent Representation of the Member State.

The selected candidate shall remain in the service of their employer throughout the period of secondment and remain in their employer’s payroll.

SNEs are not covered by The SatCen privileges and immunities, but can receive appropriate temporary status from their member state.

The employers of the SNE shall certify to the Centre that the SNE will remain subject to the European Social Security Legislation. Before arrival a photocopy of their European Health Card (E111) needs to be provided to the Personnel Office.


Contribution paid by the SatCen:

  • Allowance: In accordance with the Board’s rules a subsistence allowance of 75 € per day will be paid to experts on secondment to the Centre by a EU Member State to cover extra costs for accommodation, food, transport.
  • SNEs are entitled to reimbursement of travel costs upon arrival and departure (Annex VI section I of the EU Staff Regulation). SNEs are entitled to the reimbursement of removal expenses if they stay for more than 2 years. (Annex VI section II of the EU Staff Regulations).
  • The EU Satellite Centre will cover the SNE against risk of accidents.


Working conditions:

  • Authority: During their stay in the Centre, SNEs are under the authority of a Head of Division, to whom they report in the same way as other staff members.
  • Working hours: SNEs are bound by the rules applying to all staff, in particular where working hours are concerned. They must check in and out with the finger tip system and they are entitled to flexitime.
  • Leave and absence: SNEs are entitled to 2,5 working days of leave per month. Special leave can be granted under the same conditions as for all other staff.SNEs absent owing to sickness or accident for more than three consecutive days shall be required to produce a medical certificate within three days. If the absence is for no more than three days, and for which no medical certificate is provided, and they exceed nine working days in any one calendar year, a corresponding reduction in his/her entitlement may entail.
  • Documents: For SNEs who are staying longer than six months, The SatCen will provide all the relevant documents in order to get the NIE (Resident card) upon arrival of the SNE


General information    

Location: The EU Satellite Centre is located in Torrejón Air Base, Avenida de Cádiz, Edificio 457, 28850 Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid).

Rules: For more information, see the rules on the Secondment of National Experts.

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