Research, Technology Development and Innovation

The implementation of RTDI (Research, Technology Development and Innovation) initiatives aims at:

  • Ensuring the execution of the SatCen R&I activities by participating in programmes such as Horizon 2020;
  • Providing new solutions supporting the operational needs of the Centre and its Stakeholders by looking at the whole EO data lifecycle;
  • Fostering cooperation with the European Space Agency and the Group on Earth Observations.


RTDI main work streams are related to:

  • New Data Acquisition Systems (e.g. HAPS);
  • Secure Satellite Communications (e.g. EU GOVSATCOM);
  • Innovative Technologies (e.g. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Interoperable Platforms);
  • EO Based Applications (e.g. SAR Change Detection).


Get in touch

To request further information on current RTDI activities at SatCen, please send an email to