Introduction to Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)

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    Damage Assessment, Natural Disaster

This two-week geospatial intelligence course comprises of two modules and provides an introduction to GIS using ArcGIS Desktop software.

The first module focuses on the creation and management of geographic data, which is followed by the second module covering the fusion of different forms of data, data preparation, the compilation of geo-databases and spatial analysis for the production of GEOINT products. The course requires no previous knowledge in GIS software. Theory lessons are supported with practical exercises and Case Studies related to the defence and security domain.

Course objectives:

At the end of the course, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of GIS and GEOINT
  • Explore geographic data and access information about geographic datasets and features
  • Create a file geodatabase to store and manage geographic data
  • Classify, symbolize, and label map features to improve map visualization and interpretation
  • Query and analyse GIS data to support decision making
  • Create a basic GIS map
  • Know how to prepare data for a successful geospatial analysis
  • Know how to analyze terrain, topology and imagery to gain geospatial insight
  • Perform data fusion on heterogeneous sources of information
  • Create feasibility studies to answer multi-criteria geospatial questions
  • Generate a product for decision makers to act on
  • Use advanced tools to automate data processing and analysis.


Course prerequisites for attendees:

  • Attendees must be proficient in the English language.
  • Attendees must have an EU SECRET security clearance.
  • Attendees not proficient with ArcGIS are required to attend Module 1 before attending Module 2.


GEOINT I: Module 1 (36 hours)

This module introduces the fundamental concepts of ArcGIS Desktop software and instructs on how to visualize, create, manage, and analyze geographic data. During the exercises, attendees will use ArcGIS tools to efficiently perform common GIS tasks and workflows.

GEOINT II: Module 2 (36 hours)

This module covers Terrain, Raster and Spatial analysis, including 3D concepts and the use of Model Builder and image classification for advanced geoprocessing applications. Practical examples including Case Studies with real data from EUSC operations are included.

Eligibility criteria and fees

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