WEU Residual Administrative Tasks Unit

In accordance with European Union Council Decision 2014/401/CFSP of 26 June 2014, the SatCen-WEU Residual Administrative Tasks Unit (RATU) was created in July 2011 to administer the residual activities that remain following the closure of the Western European Union in June 2011. Specifically, the RATU manages, inter alia, the pensions of former WEU staff members, the WEU Social Plans, matters of disputes for former WEU staff and provides support for the liquidation of WEU goods and services.

Although under the staff structure of the EU Satellite Centre, the Unit is financed by the 10 former WEU Member States (Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom).

The Unit is located in Brussels, in an office within the EU Council Justus Lipsius building and is composed of three staff members:

Head of Unit – Mr Thibaut Vanbaelinghem
e-mail: thibaut.vanbaelinghem@satcen.europa.eu
Tel: 32-(0)2-230.39.29, +34 916.786.081

Financial & Technical Assistant – Mr Frank Baute
e-mail: frank.baute@satcen.europa.eu
Tel.: +32-(0)2-230.64.26

Assistant for Administration, Personnel and Pensions - Mrs Maryse Genin
e-mail: maryse.genin@satcen.europa.eu
Tel.: +32-(0)2-230.57.87
General e-mail: WEU.RATU@satcen.europa.eu


The WEU Staff Rules have recently been amended to include the revised salary adjustment method. The amended rules can be found here in English or Français.

WEU Pensions are paid by the International Service for Remunerations and Pensions. The Pensions portal on their website contains important pensions information: www.sirp-isrp.org

Please contact Thibaut Vanbaelinghem for the username and password you will need to access the Pension Portal of the ISRP website.

The Pension Scheme Rules of the former WEU can be found here in English or Français.


Medical insurance cover for WEU pensioners is provided by Cigna: https://www.cignahealthbenefits.com/


The reimbursement ceilings for Cigna for 2021 for the WEU pensioners can be found here in English or Français.