Visit of the Romanian Parliamentary Delegation to SatCen

On 14 May 2021, SatCen had the distinguished pleasure of welcoming a Romanian Parliamentary Delegation led by H.E. Ms Anca Dana Dragu, President of the Romanian Senate. The delegation included H.E. Amb. Gabriela Dancău, Romania’s Ambassador in Spain, Alina-Ștefania Gorghiu, Vice-President of the Romanian Senate, Senator Mr Cristian Ghica, Deputy Mr Ștefan-Iulian Lorincz, Deputy Simina-Geanina-Daniela Tulbure, State Secretary for Romanians Abroad Oana Ursache, General Director of the Romanian Senate Mr Ion Popa, Director of Cabinet of the President of the Senate Ms Adelina Dobra and State Secretary Adviser Ms Ioana Blaga.  The delegation was welcomed by SatCen Director Amb. Sorin Ducaru and Deputy Director Giuseppe D’Amico.

The visit served as a first introduction to the work of the SatCen and presented an opportunity to highlight the specific projects of interest to Romania. Ambassador Sorin Ducaru presented the Centre’s cross-operational mission of providing security “from” space and security “of” space, the continuous support to EU Missions and Operations, the European External Action Service (EEAS), Member States, Frontex, or the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) among others. Director Ducaru also discussed the Centre’s use of innovative culture in applying cutting-edge technology, such as operational Artificial Intelligence, to its Missions and Operations, allowing for the identification of elements of interest and the increase of operational efficiency. In this context, the Director acknowledged the so called “gold rush” in IT and Space technologies, and their strong role as engines of innovation.

Mr Ionut Ovejeanu, Team Leader, provided a detailed overview of the Centre’s Operational activities, focusing on selected subjects of interest, such as the Centre’s support with geospatial analysis with regards to developments in the eastern neighborhood of the EU and the Black Sea area.

Ms Gema Maza, Team Leader of the Copernicus Support to External Action (SEA) discussed the important role SatCen has in civilian matters, more specifically the pilot project in support of Romania’s Ministry of the Environment regarding the geospatial monitoring of illegal waste site, with negative environmental impact. The methodology followed in waste analysis, from the detection of illegal waste deposits to the waste material classifications and the environmental impacts they have on land use or vegetation, has been explained in detail. Each process was exemplified illustrating how satellite imagery can be used for the exploitation of insight and potential future foresight.

The delegation showed interest in the different activities performed by the Centre and expressed appreciation for the efforts and strategic outputs of SatCen. In the words of H.E. Ms Anca Dragu, “I am impressed by the high professional standards, the quality of your work and of the team at SatCen (…) Thank you for your work to increase the level of knowledge and security”.

The Romanian Parliamentary Delegation has confirmed Romania’s appreciation for SatCen’s unique role and support for it future developments.

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