Italian Defence Undersecretary Mulè visits SatCen on 28 June


On 28 June 2021, the Italian Undersecretary of State for Defence, H. E. Giorgio Mulè, provided the SatCen with the honor of his visit. SatCen Director Sorin Ducaru, Deputy Director Giuseppe D’Amico, and a team of experts welcomed the Undersecretary and his delegation.

Introducing SatCen, Ambassador Ducaru presented the Centre’s unique position as Europe’s “eyes on the ground”, through its core mission of geospatial analysis, and its support to the EU “eyes in space”, through its role as EU SST Front Desk.

The Deputy Director provided an extensive overview of SatCen’s activities, highlighting the wide spectrum of users, usages, and tasks. He briefed on the Centre´s involvement in EU crisis management through its support to humanitarian aid, for EU Missions and Operations, Frontex and to International Organizations such as the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) and the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) among others.

Mr D’Amico discussed the Centre’s culture of innovation in applying cutting-edge technology, such as operational Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis. These high-tech tools have become an integrated part of the SatCen support to the EU including its Missions and Operations, allowing for the identification of elements of interest and the increase of operational efficiency. The Deputy Director highlighted the so-called “gold rush” in IT and space technologies, and their strong role as engines of innovation.

Mr Marcello Moretti, Operations Manager, provided a detailed overview of the Centre’s operational activities, focusing on selected subjects of interest in the wide field of Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT). He highlighted SatCen’s ability to provide analysis tailored to specific topics of national interest, while describing the exploitation of space data through GEOINT and IMINT (Imagery Intelligence).

Mr Denis Bruckert, Head of Copernicus Unit, presented the SatCen services that are part of the Copernicus security programme. Mr Bruckert provided project examples, highlighting the close collaboration with the Commission as part of the EU space programme, and briefed on the user update and plans for further evolution.

Mr Alexis Letulier, Head of the IT Division, illustrated the role of IT development and services for operational analysis, displaying how Artificial Intelligence can empower analysts to conduct their analysis work more efficiently. Mr Letulier also presented the increasing requirement for cybersecurity, given the continuously intensified IT security threats.

Mr Joao Alves, Head of the SSA Unit, introduced SatCen’s unique role as EU SST Front Desk. Mr Alves briefed on the space services provided through this specific function, from the user interface to the delivery of specialized SST services of collision avoidance, fragmentation analysis and re-entry prediction. He exemplified the work of the Centre as Front Desk by illustrating recent monitoring campaigns.

The Undersecretary expressed clear interest in the different activities performed by the Centre and recognized the Centre’s unique capability and importance for EU strategic autonomy. His comments following the visit to SatCen:

“Proud to be here (..) Thanks to this ´eye´, European citizens can live safe and secure. Many compliments!”


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