General Friedling, French Space Commander, visits on 17 Sept

On 17 September 2020, Major General Michel Friedling, the French Space Commander, visited the EU Satellite Centre with a high-level delegation from his Command and with the French Defence Attaché in Spain. They were welcomed by the SatCen Director, Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, and Deputy Director, Giuseppe D’Amico, as well as a delegation of managers and experts from the Centre.

Director Ducaru provided an overview of the SatCen mission and its unique operational role, including the agency´s analysis activities and its governance, covering both current challenges and the Centre’s future perspective. During an operational briefing, SatCen imagery analysts presented examples from the agency’s services portfolio, including products from the Copernicus Service in Support to EU External Action. The experts focused on specific topics of French interest, including examples from the classified levels of production. New analysis techniques and recent IT developments, including in-house created tools, were also presented, demonstrating the agency´s preparedness for current technological challenges.

Major General Friedling and his delegation briefed on the structure and responsibilities of the French Space Command, detailing their specific mission and areas of interests. 

The delegation also visited the workspace of SatCen’s Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) unit, where the SST team provided an overview of its collaboration activities as front-desk for the EU SST programme.

Throughout the various presentations, Director Ducaru highlighted the Centre´s added value for Member States as the agency’s main stakeholders, and how national governments could benefit from their close involvement with SatCen activities.

To conclude, the delegation and the Centre´s experts exchanged their views and perspectives on the SatCen mission, its future evolution and possible cooperation with the French Space Command. 

Following the visit, General Friedling commented: “Merci pour cette visite extrêmement intéressante - vous détenez certainement ici une expertise très haute au service de l'UE et des Nations membres!

Thank you for this extremely interesting visit – you certainly have here a very high expertise dedicated to the EU and the member Nations!“


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