User Workshop - The Copernicus Security Service and its Evolution

19th March 2018 – 13:00-17:30 – Thon Hotel EU. Rue de la Loi 75, Brussels

20th March 2018 – 10:00-12:30 – DG GROW Breydel Building, Brussels

20th March 2018 – 14:00-17:30 – DG GROW Breydel Building, Brussels


Ten months after the start of operations of the Copernicus service in Support to EU External Action (SEA) and in the perspective of the post-2020 Copernicus Service Evolution, the workshop will:

  • wrap-up and address lessons learned so far,
  • address User up-take and Service Evolution,
  • provide an insight on the Border and Maritime Surveillance security services, delivered respectively by Frontex and EMSA, highlighting interagency cooperation. 

The workshop will start on the 19th afternoon. An interactive session will aim at getting users’ feedback on both SEA and the other Security Services´ operations, evolution and user's priorities.

In the morning of the 20th, thematic sessions will be held aiming at closer interaction with the users. When registering, please indicate which session(s) you plan to attend: Support to EU External Action (SatCen), Border Surveillance (Frontex) or Maritime Surveillance (EMSA).

Copernicus is the EU Programme providing services based on Earth Observation (space) and non-space data for monitoring Land, Marine, Atmosphere and Climate Change, and contributing also to Emergency Management and Security Applications.

The security service, […] is to provide information in support of the civil security challenges of Europe improving crisis prevention, preparedness and response capacities, in particular for border and maritime surveillance, but also support for the Union's external action […] (REGULATION (EU) No 377/2014).

The workshop will be followed by a debate organised by DG-GROW in the afternoon of the 20th, on possible scenarios for the evolution of the Security service, based on lessons learned after operation of the services, recommendations from expert reports and positions from Members States. This session will aim at assessing how Copernicus can further help meeting security needs across Member States. NB: Participation to this session needs to be agreed with the Copernicus Committee or User Forum National representatives.


Target audience and registration

The event is open to Institutional civil and defence users in Member States and EU Institutions/Agencies only. You are kindly asked to register on the before 6th March 2018 with name, title and affiliating organisation. When registering, please also indicate which session(s) you plan to attend on 20th March AM.

In case you do not have an access to the Commission meeting rooms, please add also: date of birth, nationality, ID card/Passport number with expiry date and e-mail address. Note that for security reasons only registered participants will be allowed at the event premises.


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    User Workshop - The Copernicus Security Service and its Evolution