The Horizon 2020 Project ENTRUSTED Contributes to the Future EU GOVSATCOM Programme

The kick-off of the Horizon 2020 project ENTRUSTED (European Networking for satellite Telecommunication Roadmap for the governmental Users requiring Secure, inTeroperable, innovativE and standardiseD services) is scheduled for 15 September 2020.

The project consortium, led by GSA, counts more than 20 partners, including EU Member States representatives and EU Agencies. ENTRUSTED will identify needs and requirements of governmental users for secure satellite communications. The project will contribute to the formulation of assumptions and guidelines, in terms of user-orientated activities, for the future EU GOVSATCOM programme. It aims at creating independent, autonomous, and secure satellite communication systems for governmental users.

SatCen, through its RTDI Unit, undertakes a key role in the project leading Work Package 2, in which user requirements, fields of application and use cases will be identified, defined and consolidated, serving as main inputs for other project activities and for future initiatives.

ENTRUSTED will last 30 months and will establish the basis for a solid network of governmental users (NoU) of secure governmental satellite communications, which is expected to be sustained and enlarged in the coming years.

You can find more information in the press release and in the overall project presentation here: release_short5f5b4b628c7cd800013ea62f.pdf

Stay tuned to follow the associated activities! 



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    Horizon 2020 project ENTRUSTED