The Copernicus Service in Support to EU External Action launches its website!

The Copernicus Service in Support to EU External Action (SEA) just launched its website. Coordinated by SatCen, it is a European geospatial intelligence service, which assists the EU and its Member States in  its operations and interests outside EU territory. The information provided contributes to improving European capacities in crisis prevention, preparedness and response. It also aims to assist in situations of crisis or emerging crisis and to prevent global and trans-regional threats having a destabilising effect.

It fulfils user needs in a wide range of domains, such as humanitarian aid, conflicts and crises and rule of law. It is particularly valuable for remote areas, which are difficult to access, and where security issues are at stake. The service can be activated either to respond within very short timescales to an urgent request or to carry out monitoring campaigns over longer periods.

Copernicus SEA is a customisable service. A team of experts at SatCen evaluates the users’ needs and tailors the products accordingly. The products represent some common categories, such as Conflict Damage Assessment, Critical Infrastructure Analysis, Activity Report and Support to evacuation Plan

The European Commission entrusted the service to SatCen through a Delegation Agreement in October 2016. The Centre is responsible for the operational management, issuing of industrial service contracts, and monitoring the quality of the service. SatCen also remains the central point of contact for the Authorised Users.

The Copernicus SEA Service can be activated only by Authorised Users. These include the European Commission services, the European Union’s External Action Service, CSDP Missions and Operations, Member State Ministries of Defence or Foreign Affairs and intelligence centres, and elements within certain intergovernmental bodies, such as the United Nations’ Department of Field Support (UN-DFS) or Department of Peace-Keeping Operations (DPKO). For more information about the service, please visit the new website: .


Additional information:

SEA website

Copernicus website

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