SatCen welcomes CSDP High Level Course on 20 January

On 20 January 2021, SatCen opened its doors to the European Security and Defense College CSDP High Level Course. The group was welcomed by the SatCen Director, Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, the SatCen Deputy Director, Giuseppe D’Amico, and a team of experts.

The visit underscored SatCen’s mission, role and support of the European Union’s Security and Defense Policy. The briefings included relevant examples of SatCen support to EU decision making and external action, highlighting SatCen’s key role for European strategic autonomy in foreign and security policy.

Specific analysis cases were presented by the Operations Manager, like support for the maritime Operation IRINI, EUNAVFOR Atalanta as well as UNSMIL. The discussion followed with a summary of newly developed IT & Artificial Intelligence tools that further support the GEOINT services, presented by the Head of IT Division.

Last but not least, the space surveillance and tracking presentation discussed the overcrowding of space, linked to the imminent need for both “security from space, and in space”.

Concluding the visit, the Director and the team presented a vision on SatCen’s future developments and opportunities in today’s context.

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    Image1 of 4The ESDC CSDP High Level Course welcomed by Director Sorin Ducaru, Deputy Director Giuseppe D’Amico and a team of SatCen experts
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    Image2 of 4Director Ducaru presenting SatCen mission & outlook
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    Image3 of 4SatCen Director Ducaru discussing with CSDP HLC participants
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    Image4 of 4SatCen Director Ducaru briefing to the HLC