SatCen to participate in the 2022 Living Planet Symposium

A SatCen delegation will participate in the Living Planet Symposium 2022, which will take place on 23–27 May 2022 in Bonn, Germany. This event, among the biggest Earth Observation (EO) conferences in the world, focuses on how EO contributes to science and society, and how disruptive technologies and actors are changing the traditional EO landscape.
Sergio Albani and Paula Saameno will chair a session entitled “Climate Security - The key role of R&I and cooperation to address global threats” on Wednesday 25th May at 1.30 pm. The session will address how EO data can support the understanding and modelling of links between climate events and the associated consequences of putting at risk citizens. Within this session, Michele Lazzarini will provide a contribution to RTDI relevant activities entitled “Geospatial Intelligence applications to address Climate Security issues”.
Moreover, on the same day at 17.20 SatCen will contribute to the poster session with a contribution on the CALLISTO project by Jose Santos and one on the GEM project by Michele Lazzarini.
For more information about the event, click here.
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