SatCen Special Videoconference Board Meeting 11 May 2020

During COVID-19 Pendamic, SatCen Board Meets Online to Discuss Operational and Strategic Issues


On Monday 11 May, the EU Satellite Centre held its first ever Board meeting as videoconference, with its management on-site at the agency headquarters in Torrejón, connected with representatives of the EU Member States, EEAS, and Commission.

The SatCen Board, to which representatives usually meet in person, is responsible for decisions on the agency’s mission and functioning.

The agenda of the Board VTC included discussed lessons learned from the Centre’s activity under the state of pandemic emergency, as well as operational, financial, and managerial aspects.

The Centre also briefed on the close cooperation with FRONTEX, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency and joint interest of the two agencies to continue this mutual beneficial cooperation in the future. In the framework of the Copernicus programme, SatCen supports FRONTEX with border management and migration geospatial analysis, a topic which represents a complex and constant challenge for the EU. Both agencies pursue a sustainable long-term collaboration to protect the interests of the EU and its citizens.

The SatCen Director highlighted the increased operational output of SatCen with geospatial intelligence products in support for EU Missions and Operations, in particular for the new EU NAVFOR MED Operation IRINI, aimed at monitoring the ceasefire agreement and arms embargo in Libya.

The Director also presented SatCen’s adaptation measures to COVID-19. This contingency plan, leveraged by the high level of staff professionalism and dedication, enabled business continuity and the fulfilment of the Centre’s unique mission of providing geospatial intelligence analysis. The Board appreciated the value added of the Centre’s activity, specifically during this period of severe constraints caused by the pandemic.

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