SatCen's 2020 Annual Report is out!

2020 was a year like no other, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the effects of Brexit, budgetary constraints and an increasing user demand combined with less mobility on the ground. Against this backdrop and under the challenging pandemic context, SatCen has shown resilience, flexibility and adaptability in operations and output while prioritizing duty of care to staff and fostering its culture of innovation.


The 2020 Annual Report, published today, provides a comprehensive overview of the work, operations and missions of the Centre throughout the past year.


As an operational agency, SatCen contributes with its products and services to the full spectrum of political planning and decision making in external action. The Centre’s activities provide “security from space” in diverse fields covering analysis of military capabilities, humanitarian aid, support to evacuation operations, monitoring of weapons of mass destruction, critical infrastructures, and security related to climate change. 


With its function as the Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) Front Desk, SatCen is also engaged in “security of space”, supporting the monitoring of the situation in space in close cooperation with Member States. These two security dimensions are operationally combined and provide mutual synergies.


The report reflects the operational resilience and timely response characteristic for the Centre’s work, highlighting key achievements such as the increased integration with EU Intel activity, intensified support to EU missions and operations, increased synergies and complementarities with other EU activities, and the start of a new building extension expected to be completed for the Centre’s 30th Anniversary next year. All of this has strengthened the SatCen profile of a highly valuable EU autonomous operational asset in support of CFSP/CSDP.


You can find the digital version of the 2020 Annual Report here

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