SatCen's role underlined by Foreign Affairs Council

On 18 May, High Representative Federica Mogherini chaired the Foreign Affairs Council to push forward work on the European security and defence agenda. Defence ministers were then joined by the Ministers of the Interior of the 28 Member States for a joint working session on counter-terrorism.  

The role of the EU Satellite Centre was explicitly mentioned in the Council conclusions on security and defence in the context of the EU Global Strategy:

'The Council welcomes the progress made in promoting EU civil-military intelligence-based situational awareness, notably through the systematic alignment of structures and procedures between EU Intelligence Centre and the Intelligence Directorate of the EU Military Staff, within the EEAS. It supported the gradual approach chosen to enhance the capabilities of the Single Intelligence Analysis Capacity (SIAC) of the EU and the short term needs already defined for additional staffing. It will revert to the issue again in view of further progress achieved and plans elaborated for the longer term development on SIAC. The Council furthermore underlines the important role of the EU Satellite Centre (EU SatCen).'

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    SatCen's role underlined by Foreign Affairs Council