SatCen presents its role as EU SST Front Desk at SMI Military SSA conference

On 29 April, SatCen participated in SMI’s Military Space Situational Awareness virtual conference, one of the top events in the space situational awareness (SSA) domain. SatCen’s Director, Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, intervened on day two of the conference, at the panel “EU Space Surveillance and Tracking: state of play and main developments”, to describe the Centre’s contribution to the protection of space assets critical for our daily lives.


Director Ducaru presented the role of the Centre as the EU SST Front Desk and part of the SST Cooperation. He explained how SatCen operates a dedicated service provision interface to deliver SST services - whose information is generated by the SST Consortium Member States - to its users through the SST Portal. He also highlighted that the Centre leads user coordination activities to support SST users, as well as the definition, monitoring and reporting on key performance indicators, and communication activities.


At the panel, SatCen’s Director stated that user needs are essential to improve the SST services and remarked that EU SST users are quite satisfied with the services provided, scoring around 8-9 on a scale of ten. He also mentioned that SatCen leads a task force in coordination with the EU Member States to deal with scenarios associated with critical operations and high media interest events, referring to the recent event involving objects SL-8 R/B and OPS 6182 as an example. Finally, he commented that SatCen stands ready to continue supporting EU Member States in the SST partnership that will be created as part of the recently adopted EU Space Programme.


The panel was also attended by Dr Pascal Faucher, Chair of the EU SST Consortium, who explained EU SST's evolution into a Programme component. He described the successful SST cooperation model of which SatCen is part and emphasised the R&D activities currently performed by EU SST to enhance its services and explore new ones. Furthermore, Marc Becker, Chair of the EU SST Security Committee, presented the development of a European SST catalogue and the EU SST security framework in the context of the new EU Space Programme.

The SMI Military Space Situational Awareness conference is an annual event. This year, it focused on space domain awareness, space surveillance and tracking (SST), the new US Space Force’s approach to SSA, the impact of new mega-constellations, and international partnerships in space.

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    Director Sorin Ducaru presenting at the SMI Military SSA Conference