SatCen participates to the “Supporting Copernicus through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence” event

Two SatCen R & I projects will be presented during the event  “Supporting Copernicus through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence” event at the upcoming EU Space Week (3-6 October, Prague).

This event will be an opportunity for the representatives of the four DT-SPACE projects, namely GEMCALLISTO, DeepCube and CENTURION to exchange ideas and learnings and identify potential synergies. Each project will present an overview of its scope, its objectives, its pilots and key results up to that moment. You can find more information and a detailed agenda here.

In the GEM project, SatCen leads the Climate Security pilot, named Conflict Pre-Warning Map, which correlates global climate/environmental issues with unexpected human activity patterns, to support the understanding of the climate-security nexus. The aim is to create a heterogenous datacube of data related to climate and security (e.g. EO data, meteo data, statistics), providing a better understanding of the interactions between climate change and security through a demonstration of higher-level cross-correlated ML processing for decision-making support.

In the CALLISTO project, SatCen leads the Land border change detection pilot, introducing the tipping and cueing approach in IMINT Copernicus services, allowing Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) to operate at scale, discovering patterns (i.e. events) in the dataset by performing accurate automatic land change detection to infer relevant changes at borders and deliver alerts to the analysts. Therefore, it aims to improve the existing approaches and increase the value of the current Border Surveillance Services.

The joint event will be held at Hall C of the Prague Expo, as a side event of EU Space Week, on October 6, 2022, from 13:30-15:15 CET. We would be delighted to have you present at our event to share inspiring discussions. 

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    EU Space Week: Supporting Copernicus through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence