SatCen participates in NextGEOSS project

SatCen is participating in the NextGEOSS project with the aim to improve the capacity to access, process, and analyse big amounts of heterogeneous data in order to provide decision-makers with trustful, timely and useful information. The Space and Security pilot, implemented by SatCen, aims to discover, access, and exploit Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data, and to generate change detection maps.

For the last three years, the NextGEOSS project has been developing a centralised European Earth Observation data hub and platform with a view to make data, resources, and cloud services available and seamlessly connected, forming an integrated ecosystem for supporting the deployment of EO-based applications and services in Europe.

The Final Summit of the NextGEOSS project ( is held as an online event from 5th to 9th October due to the current global pandemic situation. SatCen staff from its RTDI unit will present results, experience and the link of its activities with the GEO Space and Security Community Activity on the following dates:

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    Image1 of 3NextGEOSS provides the infrastructure to deploy EO applications and the means to catalogue datasets generated by different users, thus enabling to share know-how and results. Several products have been already inserted in the NextGEOSS Data Hub.
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    Image2 of 3Cloud Integration environment for SatCen Space & Security Pilot within the NextGEOSS Project, allowing SatCen the integration of EO applications as Cloud appliances
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    Image3 of 3Data Collections shared by SatCen with the Space & Security Community through the NextGEOSS Data Hub