SatCen organises an additional short SAR-1 course in April 2019

This year, due to the high demand for SAR training from Member States and SatCen staff, a second SAR-1 course will take place on 8 - 10 April 2019. The topics will cover SAR analysis, principles and defence applications, as in the yearly SAR course, which takes place in February (more information here: SAR Course). However, note that this additional course in April lasts three days only.

The attendance is open to SatCen personnel and to officially nominated personnel from EU Member States, Third States and International Organisations having a collaboration agreement with the SatCen.

SatCen retains the right to select attendees according to the availability of seats on the course. Priority will be given in the following order: SatCen staff, experts on secondment at the SatCen, candidates appointed by EU Member States and official bodies, governmental and international organizations (with priority for candidatures from entities that have signed a MoU with the SatCen). Applications from private companies and/or individuals will not be considered.

For further information, please write to:

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