SatCen joins the MARSUR Users network

On 31 May 2017, Captain (Navy) Dr. Joerg Hillmann, MARSUR Management Group Chair, attended the signature by SatCen Director Pascal Legai of the MARSUR Technical Arrangement at the SatCen premises in Torrejón, representing the adhesion of SatCen to the MARSUR Users network.

The MARSUR (Maritime Surveillance) project, originally designed by the EDA, is a networking community of users establishing a dialogue between European maritime information systems. With presently 17 Member States, plus Norway, this technical solution aims at facilitating the exchange of operational maritime information and services such as ship positions, tracks, identification data, chat or images.

Since 2008, SatCen has been participating in MARSUR at working level within the context of its cooperation with EDA, providing its expertise for the definition of requirements and potential applications of satellite imagery analysis for maritime situational awareness.

SatCen’s membership of MARSUR foresees the possibility to provide information on a voluntary basis. SatCen, by joining the MARSUR Users network, gains the possibility to request and have access to maritime information directly from Member States’s Navies, useful for the IMINT and GEOINT analysis (e.g. counter piracy, maritime transit and operation, harbour infrastructure and activity monitoring, activity on specific coastlines, etc.). This activity responds to the objective of the EU Maritime Security Strategy, aiming to secure the EU's maritime security interests against risks and threats in the global maritime domain.

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