SatCen hosts the MARSUR Operational Working Group and Technical Working Group

On 11-13 April 2018, SatCen hosted the MARSUR Operational Working Group and the MARSUR Technical Working Group.

The Maritime Surveillance (MARSUR) project was originally designed by the European Defence Agency (EDA). It comprises the Navies of 17 EU Member States and Norway. The network facilitates the exchange of operational maritime information and services between its members.

Since 2008, SatCen has been participating in MARSUR at working level within the context of its cooperation with EDA, providing its expertise for the definition of requirements and potential applications of satellite imagery analysis for maritime situational awareness.

On 31 May 2017, SatCen joined the MARSUR Users Network. The signature foresees the provision of information in the maritime domain, on a voluntary basis, and respecting the status of observer.

Thanks to this, SatCen has access to maritime information directly from Member States’ Navies for its IMINT and GEOINT analysis. Its participation will enhance the Centre’s existing operational capabilities for the benefit of its users. Likewise, SatCen can contribute to the MARSUR Users Network.

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