SatCen hosts the MARSUR Management Group and Project Arrangement Board

The MARSUR Management Group (MMGT) and the Project Arrangement Board met at SatCen from 18th to 20th February. They represent the highest practical decision level of the MARSUR network, based on the pooling and sharing of information in the maritime domain. 16 of the potential 22 EU Navies were represented plus Norway, Operation Sophia, EDA and SatCen.

The MMGT Group is currently chaired by Greece and EDA/CAP acts as the global coordinator of the programme. SatCen being a member of MARSUR since May 2017, provides its knowledge and expertise derived from the analysis of supporting satellite imagery for an advanced maritime awareness.

In the current discussions, the consolidation and the sustainability of the network, enriched with new technologic developments, were underlined. Also, the relative position of MARSUR with others maritime activities (CISE, EUROSUR, OCEAN2020, …) was considered.

Further developments are already planned, beyond 2020, with more emphasis for the SatCen to become the reference node of MARSUR providing technical support and operational contributions.

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