SatCen hosts the BETTER Final Advisory Board and Review Meetings

The Final Advisory Board and Review Meetings for the H2020 BETTER project were held at SatCen premises on 27th and 28th February.

The BETTER project, implemented in the frame of SatCen RTDI activities, is developing an EO Big Data intermediate service layer devoted to harnessing the potential of the Copernicus and Sentinel European EO data directly from the needs of the users with the contribution of six partners.

This layer will deliver customized solutions denominated Data Pipelines for large volume EO and non-EO datasets access, retrieval, processing, analysis and visualisation.

SatCen is one of the challenge promoters, representing the Secure Societies societal area and introducing suitable processing chains in line with current GEOINT needs. Within BETTER, SatCen presented pipelines on change detection, illicit deforestation and mining, thematic indexes (as vegetation, water and thermal) and burned area detection. These pipelines are available on the consortium infrastructure and in the future it is foreseen to deploy them in the SatCen GEO-DAMP Platform.

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