SatCen highlights the value of space to support security (in the EU and around the world) at the 2021 Atlantic Forum Spring Conference

On the 10th April 2021, Denis Bruckert, SatCen’s Head of Copernicus Unit, presented the role of SatCen and its use of relevant space assets at the Atlantic Forum’s online Spring Conference. During his intervention on the “Exploring the new Frontier: Space” panel, Dr Bruckert underpinned the importance of space for the security and defence sector and further stressed the Centre’s role as strategic geospatial intelligence support of the European Union.

Denis Bruckert focused on discussing how space-based assets play an integral role in the different activities performed by SatCen, such as the cooperation with the Copernicus Programme as the entrusted entity of the Security Service in Support to EU External Action (

He provided examples of how the SatCen exploits satellite and collateral data to support EU Missions and Operations. In particular, the Centre supports Operation EUNAVFOR MED IRINI since its beginning. Furthermore, in the Copernicus Border Surveillance Service framework, the SatCen assists FRONTEX in analysing migration phenomena and refugee camps.

User demand for geospatial analysis increased through the years, but the pandemic brought about a new dimension. The consequent mobility limitations are boosting the already growing need for remote geospatial intelligence analysis.

In conclusion, Dr Bruckert mentioned the fundamental collaboration with European bodies and the EU Member States as well as the active participation of the Centre in R&I projects. Cooperation is a valuable key for the Centre to improve the operational capacities and maintain it updated to cutting-edge technologies.

SatCen’s expertise and partnership in initiatives like the Copernicus programme are a crucial asset for the European Union and the Member States in addressing both future challenges and opportunities.

Watch the full panel discussion below:



The Atlantic Forum Spring Conference is a three-day event commemorating NATO´s 72nd Anniversary. This year’s conference virtually gathered high-level experts to talk on different topics, including hybrid and cyber warfare, space, climate change, maritime security and more.

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    Dr Bruckert at the Atlantic Forum Panel Discussion