Cutting Edge Technology and Innovation at Core of SatCen’s Performance


On 4 February 2021, SatCen Director Sorin Ducaru delivered a live keynote at the DGI 2021 virtual conference, an international event designed to strengthen collaboration across the GEOINT community. He placed the main focus of the address on “How the SatCen leverages Research, Technology and Innovation to continuously improve Provision of Geospatial Services”.

Ambassador Ducaru’s presentation reflected how Centre’s Information Technology (IT) division as well as the Research, Technology Development and Innovation (RTDI) unit are streamlining Research & Innovation (R&I) across the whole process cycle, from data to usable information and analysis. The Director placed a special emphasis on activities and projects related to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Semantic Technologies, Virtual Research Environments & Platforms, and the so-called Digital Twin Earth.

To support maximum performance, a wide spectrum of services is made available to the different SatCen teams, to benefit from new developments and technologies. These services are made available through GEO-DAMP (Geospatial Data Management Platform).  Amb. Ducaru underlined the vast potential of the platform-based approach, based on the modular design and the validated capabilities of GEO-DAMP. The integrated knowledge sharing and new pipelines for the evaluation of latest technologies are also building blocks for a SatCen Secure Platform, aimed at changing the Centre’s work paradigm and to drastically improve its products and services even further. Director Ducaru also provided operational examples of how artificial intelligence is used in SatCen to support and increase the efficiency of imagery analysis as well as to further augment the quality of the Centre’s geospatial analysis products.

Director Ducaru concluded his keynote speech by pointing to the growing EU level of ambition in the fields of space and security, the increased user demand, and the opportunities of technological innovation as key drivers for SatCen’s future development.




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