SatCen Director highlights the value of StratCom during briefing at the ESDC Course

On 20 September 2021, in the framework of the ESDC Course on “Strategic Communication in the Context of Security and Defence”, SatCen Director Sorin Ducaru discussed the relevance of strategic communication in today’s context.


SatCen’s briefing focused on both exploring the Centre’s dual mission of providing Security for Space and Security in Space, as well as highlighting the ongoing transformation of the communication space into a battleground. Ambassador Ducaru discussed the relevance of Strategic Communication in the planning and conducting of international relations and security and defence matters, addressing the hybrid warfare and blurring of lines between civilian and military means, where information and communication can be used as part of the arsenal.


Within this context, Director Ducaru discussed SatCen’s support to Strategic Communication strategies, on one hand being strongly linked to important EU priorities such as strategic autonomy and security and defence, and on the other hand, underlining SatCen’s role in evidence-based decision-making and communications, whose anticipative and proactive role can prevent the escalation of conflict. Moreover, SatCen’s contribution to the four baskets of the upcoming Strategic Compass was presented, reflecting SatCen’s activities as a partner for strategic communication.


Lastly, Director Ducaru addressed the role of strategic communications within SatCen’s field of responsibility, addressing the need to balance communication transparency needs with the sensitive aspects of operational objectives, and the need for modern and innovative communication strategies.


The ESDC Course “Strategic Communication in the Context of Security and Defence” took place between 20th - 24th of September in Bucharest, and was organized under the patronage of the European Security and Defense College by the National College of Internal Affairs within the Police Academy "Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, in partnership with the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations of the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration, and with the support of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention (Maynooth National University of Ireland) and the National Defense College - UNAp. The course aimed to shed light on the role played by strategic communication in a rapidly changing landscape, shaped by intensive digitalization, the emergence of innovative technologies, the proliferation of online disinformation, and the ever-eroding trust in public institutions.

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    Image1 of 2Director Sorin Ducaru at the ESDC Course on “Strategic Communication in the Context of Security and Defence”
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    Image2 of 2Briefing of SatCen Director Sorin Ducaru