Protecting European space infrastructure: new EU SST video

The EU Space Surveillance and Tracking (EU SST) has launched a new video introducing its contribution to the protection of European space infrastructure and space-based applications critical for our daily lives.

The EU SST is implemented by a Consortium currently comprising of seven EU Member States in cooperation with SatCen, which is the EU SST Front Desk. SatCen operates and consolidates the EU SST Service Provision Portal and supports SST users through the EU SST Helpdesk.

The new EU SST video shows the importance of Space Situational Awareness (SSA), explaining how even small space debris objects can have major consequences when travelling through space uncontrolled and at very high speeds, as they can put at risk satellites and space-based applications such as navigation, communication and Earth observation.

The role that EU SST plays in protecting critical European space-based and ground infrastructure is highlighted in the video, which features the EU SST capability and its Sensor, Processing and Service Provision functions. Currently, 100 organisations have access to three SST services - Collision Avoidance, Fragmentation Analysis and Re-entry Analysis – and more than 200 European satellites are safeguarded from the risk of collision.

The new EU SST video is available on its YouTube channel. Additional versions with voice-overs in French and German are also available and a shorter version will soon be published on the EU SST Twitter channel.


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