Monitoring La Palma eruption

Since the 19th of September, a volcano in Spain’s Canary Island La Palma is erupting, causing impressive lava flows and endangering the security of locals living in the proximity of the flows.

The evolution of the eruption of the volcano is monitored with different EO data.

Through its GEO-DAMP platform, the RTDI unit is processing satellite data as Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and 5P to extract information that could support the monitoring of the eruption.

In the video, a Sentinel-2 RGB composite using a SWIR band allows seeing the active eruption area. Successively, a Multi Coherence image extracted from Sentinel-1 is displayed. This radar image helps to identify the area affected by the lava flow (in dark red), adding information to optical images (limited by cloudy conditions).

Finally, Sentinel-5P images support the monitoring of SO2 variations in the atmosphere during the days of the eruption.



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