A SatCen delegation visits CNES

On 28 January 2020, a SatCen delegation headed by Director Amb. Sorin Ducaru visited CNES, the French space agency responsible for proposing and implementing the space policy in France.

CNES is involved in all aspects of space (Launchers, Sciences, Earth Observation, Telecommunications, Defence) through its four centres in Paris (headquarters and launchers direction), Toulouse (satellites) and French Guiana (launch pad), with 2,450 employees. It represents France on the European Space Agency Council and in many other international organizations.

CNES has strong international partnership with other national space agencies and with various European commercial enterprises.

The Toulouse Space Centre is mainly dedicated to satellite development and operations as well as data processing (science, Earth Observation, Space Surveillance and Tracking…).

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    Credits: CNES/Emmanuel Grimault, 2020