5 Year Anniversary of Operational SatCen Support to Frontex

On 14 May 2015, the first SatCen Image Analysis Report was delivered to Frontex  


In 2015, the migration crisis in the Mediterranean Sea reached an unprecedented peak, resulting in a major political interest to continuously monitor the migration flux and better understand the situation on the ground.  

It was therefore extremely timely that in March 2015, SatCen and Frontex - the European Border and Coast Guard Agency - signed a Service Level Agreement (SLA), initiating a period of intense cooperation under the umbrella of the European Border Surveillance system EUROSUR and the Copernicus Border Surveillance Service. This cooperation has developed fully in line with Frontex and SatCen’s statutory documents and goals, supporting cooperation and maximizing synergies and complementarities among Union bodies, through relevant activities in line with their missions.

On the basis of this SLA, SatCen quickly set up the service implementation team including the operational team to support Frontex, and just after two months the first tasks started to arrive, ready for imminent response.

On 14 May 2015, the first SatCen image analysis report was delivered to Frontex, initiating this new period of operational cooperation. Today SatCen celebrates the 5 years anniversary of the first product delivery to Frontex, with by now already more than 2000 geospatial analysis products delivered. 

From these beginnings, the collaboration between the two agencies has continuously evolved and the support activities have been further enhanced. SatCen is now actively addressing new needs and flexibly responding to emerging challenges within a service evolution programme. One of the important developments is the increased use Artificial Intelligence satellite imagery scanning tools developed by SatCen to support the work of highly experienced image analysts.

Both SatCen and Frontex support the continuity of this mutually beneficial cooperation for the future, with the aim of constantly improving and developing support services and cope with the evolving needs to safeguard our borders and protect EU citizens. 

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