SatCen welcomes the ESTAER “Jornadas de Introducción a las operaciones espaciales”

On 26 November 2021, SatCen welcomed the “Jornadas de Introducción a las Operaciones Espaciales / Introduction to Space Operations Seminars”, organised by the ESTAER (Escuela de Técnicas Aeronáuticas). The series of specialized seminars aspire to address the theoretical aspects of operations in the field of space, as well as understanding the capacities and organization of the overall space community in different areas - from space systems for earth observation, satellite communications, precision navigation, space surveillance, to meteorology and more.


The seminar participants were welcomed by SatCen Deputy Director Louis Tillier and a team of SatCen experts. The visit not only highlighted the SatCen mission as well as its role and support for the European Union’s Security and Defence Policy, but it also underlined the key activities performed by the Centre. In a short briefing to participants, Deputy Director Tillier discussed the exploitation and evolution of space throughout the years, starting from space as a strategic issue, and transforming into a commercial domain to an operational and militarized one. In this sense, the Deputy Director stressed today’s great challenge of understanding what is happening in space and the importance of responsible practices and behaviours in space.


The briefings included a comprehensive operational overview by Álvaro Rodríguez, Head of Operations, discussing technological evolutions in the field of earth observation, the difference between GEOINT and IMINT, and the importance of adapting analysis to different user needs. The discussion displayed the Centre’s unique ability to provide trustworthy and rapid information on the strategic level, but also on the military and operational one.


Mr Denis Bruckert, Head of the Copernicus Unit, introduced the EU Space program 2021/2027 and explained the Centre’s strong relationship with the Commission, placing particular focus on the Copernicus component. Under this framework, both the current and future services of the Copernicus SEA (Support to External Action Service) unit were introduced.


Discussion on Commission relations was complemented by Daniel García, SSA Project Manager, that presented SatCen’s contributing mission of providing security not only from space but in space as well, through its unique role as EU SST Front Desk. In this regard, Mr García talked about the current ‘state of space’ and the Centre’s services under the Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) Support Framework.


The “Jornadas de introducción a las operaciones espaciales” are organized by the ESTAER on a yearly basis, with SatCen participating in the last few editions. 


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    Image3 of 3Deputy Director Louis Tillier discussing the past, current and future state of space