SatCen Industry Days 2018

The SatCen Industry Days 2018 took place on 8,9 and 10 October with the aim to gather key companies and users in the Earth Observation and GEOINT domain. This time the event focussed on GeoInt Data as a service: Analytics, Automation, Constellations and Platforms. SatCen wished to provide the opportunity for companies to demonstrate their solutions in order to optimize the Centre's operational capabilities.

Representatives of EU Member States and 16 companies attended the event, as well as other interested institutions, reaching a total of more than 130 participants.

During the event, companies had the chance to display services that respond to SatCen’s needs and in particular those of the Operations Division. Participants from the SatCen Operations Division as well as from the SatCen User community attended these presentations and discussed the functionalities or specifications of the presented solutions. Further technical aspects were discussed with SatCen specialists. Depending on the suitability and utility of the tools to operational needs, further investigations could follow these presentation days.

The event was a big success, appreciated by all participants.

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