Director Sorin Ducaru signs the MARSUR III Project Arrangement (PA) for 2021-2026

On 4 May 2021, SatCen Director Sorin Ducaru signed the MARSUR III Project Arrangement (PA) for 2021-2026 and the way ahead.

1. Since 2011, Maritime Surveillance (MARSUR) is an existing networking community of users establishing a dialogue between European maritime information systems. As a collaborative project with 20 contributing members, originally launched by EDA, it allows the exchange of operational maritime information and services such as ship positions, tracks, identification data, chat or images at the level of the Maritime Operations Centres.


2. MARSUR is CFSP/CSDP oriented, in support of the missions and operations and responds to the objectives of the EU Maritime Security Strategy (EUMSS, 2014), and the associated Action Plan of 2018 in which SatCen is present. A recent Report on the implementation of the revised EUMSS Action Plan puts the “SATCEN connectivity with MARSUR being achieved and efforts to connect MARSUR with OCEAN 2020, CISE and EUROSUR are ongoing”.


3. Since the approval of the Board, in May 2017, to join the MARSUR Users Network, the SatCen participation has been regularly included in the Work Programmes.


4. After a transitional period, the next phase of MARSUR, called MARSUR III PA for 2021-2026 aims at the sustainment of the existing MARSUR network, the enhancement of its operational use and its further development.


5. MARSUR III PA is set up as an EDA Category B project and is valid for a period of 72 months (6 years) funded by the 16 contributing Members supporting the activity with a long-term planning agenda. It is part of the cooperation between SATCEN and EDA joint Road Map of activities. It involves also a continuous coordination with EEAS and EUMS.


6. The SatCen role is to exchange relevant maritime surveillance geospatial intelligence within the MARSUR III network. It will be able to access maritime intelligence delivered from the Navies to MARSUR and to use in its core mission by getting additional level of information from reliable, unique and thrusted sources:


Access to maritime intelligence delivered from MARSUR for use in support of its core mission.

Reinforcement of the operational effectiveness of SATCEN.

Elevated role in EU maritime missions and operations.

Reinforcement of SATCEN position with the connectivity between MARSUR and CISE.

Extension of the user base within CFSP/CSDP


7. The provision of additional services, staying within the own means and capabilities of the SatCen, is envisaged (e.g. Copernicus Services, interface with the Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) of the Commission, new evolutions).


8. The global interest raised from the valuable and more systematic use of space assets as a complement to the information already existing in the construction of a Recognised Maritime Picture.



The current 16 contributing Members (cMs) of MARSUR III are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden.


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