H.E. Ms Katalin Tóth, Ambassador of Hungary to Spain, visits SatCen

On 7 March 2022, SatCen was delighted to welcome H.E. Ms Katalin Tóth, Ambassador of Hungary to Spain. Her Excellency was welcomed by Director Sorin Ducaru, Deputy Director Louis Tillier and a team of SatCen experts.


This first visit to SatCen provided the opportunity for a first-hand presentation of the capabilities and operational activity of the Agency. The condensed briefing started with a mise-en-place of today’s political context, followed by a discussion on SatCen’s operational activities, and concluded with a specific briefing on the Centre’s role in “monitoring the skies” through its EU SST Front Desk function.


SatCen expert staff presented the Centre’s geospatial analysis support, discussing the evolution of IMINT (Imagery Intelligence) and GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence), underlining the extensive knowledge and expertise of SatCen analysts in performing their different tasks.


Specific focus was placed on how SatCen activities support Member States, and how the Centre’s “culture of innovation” foments newly developed IT and AI tools as well as continuous exploration and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. 


SatCen’s support mission of providing security in space was also highlighted during the visit. SatCen experts discussed the role and implications of this capability in monitoring activities in space. In this context, SatCen’s role as Front Desk was presented alongside the three operational services provided: Collision Avoidance, Fragmentation Analysis and Re-Entry Analysis. Future perspectives of the Front Desk were also introduced, and the need for reflection on the ongoing importance of security in space.


H.E. Ambassador Tóth expressed high appreciation for the activities performed by the Centre, stating, “I am sure your tedious work will contribute to our common good in the European Union and all over the world”.


The visit concluded with a brief tour of the Centre and a meeting with SatCen’s Hungarian staff members.


The visit underscored Hungary’s consistent role as an important supporter of and contributor to SatCen activity and development objectives in line with the growing EU level of ambition in the security, defence and space domains.


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