SatCen engages in all 4 pillars of the Strategic Compass for Security and Defence

On 21 March 2022, the Council of the EU approved the “Strategic Compass”, a milestone document for the EU Security and Defence policy. With this strategic document, EU Member States have agreed on a common strategic vision for security and defence. They have taken a big leap forward and decided that the EU should become a stronger and more capable actor in this essential field, both to protect the security of its citizens and to act in crisis situations that affect the EU’s values and interests. With the Strategic Compass, Member States commit to a set of concrete and wide-ranging objectives to achieve these goals over the coming decade.


The Strategic Compass provides an analysis of the EU´s strategic environment and seeks to bring greater coherence and a strong common sense of purpose to the EU’s security and defence efforts. It is a guide for action, providing concrete proposals and timelines for the coming 5-10 years in four areas:

  • Act more quickly and decisively when facing crises;
  • Secure our citizens against fast-changing threats;
  • Invest in the capabilities and technologies we need;
  • Partner with others to achieve common goals.

The Compass gives the European Union an ambitious plan of action for strengthening the EU's security and defence policy by 2030. It establishes a strong EU Rapid Deployment Capacity of up to 5000 troops for different types of crises, regular and joint live exercises on land and at sea, as well as more intelligence analysis capacities, including for the broadening range of hybrid threats. 


SatCen is specifically mentioned three times in the Strategic Compass, most notably with this clear commitment to a new level of ambition, in line with the Centre´s current Work Programme as approved by the Member States: “By 2025, we will also strengthen the EU Satellite Centre to boost our autonomous geospatial intelligence capacity.” (p. 27)


The document also acknowledges the Centre´s role in strengthening cooperation with international partners, namely the UN: “Starting in 2022, we will implement the new joint set of priorities for EU-UN cooperation (2022-2024), and (…) further enhance our political and operational coordination and cooperation, as well as our information exchange, including with the provision of satellite imagery through the EU Satellite Centre.” (p. 44)


These specific references to SatCen in the new EU Strategic Compass clearly confirm the essential support the Centre provides to EU situational awareness and decision making in security and defence. 



Find out more about the Strategic Compass here: A Strategic Compass for a stronger EU security and defence in the next decade 


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