3rd EU SST Webinar: Building the future of SST

On 5 October from 14:00 to 17:00 CET, in the context of the EU Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) Support Framework, the SST Cooperation is organising the 3rd EU SST Webinar on the topic of building the future of SST. This webinar will present how EU SST is building the future of Space Surveillance and Tracking in the EU through architecture studies, capability development activities and R&D activities. Registrations are open on this website and are free of charge.

During the webinar, studies to enhance the EU SST functions (sensor, processing and service provision) will be presented, and SST experts will be ready to answer questions from the participants. The webinar will also include the special participation of the European Commission and presentations by space industry partners.

The agenda of the 3rd EU SST Webinar, available on the EU SST website, will address topics such as future trends on Space Surveillance and Tracking, the EU SST architecture, capability development and research & development.


In 2020, the 2nd EU SST Webinar, focused on operations in Space Surveillance and Tracking, attracted 450 live participants and included speakers from the European Commission, the EEAS, the SST Consortium and SST users.

An SST system is a network of ground-based and space-based sensors capable of surveying and tracking space objects, together with processing capabilities aiming to provide data, information and services on space objects that orbit around the Earth. The EU SST Support Framework is implemented by a Consortium of currently seven EU Member States - France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain – in cooperation with SatCen. EU SST will be a key component of the EU Space Programme.

SatCen as the SST Front Desk is the main interface for the provision of SST services to all EU Member States, EU institutions, spacecraft owners and operators, and civil protection authorities through the  SST Service Provision Portal and is also responsible for communication, user engagement, performance reporting activities and the coordination of a Taskforce for critical operations and high media interest events.

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