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The Director shall ensure the execution of the mission of the Centre and uphold a high level of expertise and professionalism at the Centre, as well as efficiency and effectiveness in the pursuit of its mission. The Board shall appoint the Director for three years with a possible extension of one two year term.  The Director appoints the Deputy Director of the Centre for a period of three years after approval by the Board.

The Director is also responsible for:

Preparing the work of the Board, in particular the draft annual work programme of the Centre;

The day-to-day administration of the Centre;
Preparing the statement of income and expenditure and implementing the Centre’s budget;

Security aspects;

All personnel matter;

Informing the Political and Security Committee on the Annual Work Programme;

Ensuring close cooperation and information exchange with Community space-related services, in particular with the Commission’s Joint Research Centre;

Establishing contacts with other national and international institutions in the field of space.

Furthermore, the Director is accountable to the Board and the legal representative of the Centre.

Tomaz Lovrencic


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Pascal Legai

Deputy Director