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European Defence Agency (EDA)

The Centre maintains a close cooperation with the European Defence Agency. The Centre participates in EDA Intelligence Project Team working groups as follows:

1) Developing the EU Intelligence Capability: the Centre participates, along with its main clients (EUMS, IntCen) to identify areas of improvement.

2) Reference ISTAR Units: development of a common ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting, and Reconnaissance) management tool.

3) Training Requirements: the Centre provides IMINT training services to the Member States.

4) Geospatial Standards: the Centre contributes to the work already done on its vector coding standards.

European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)

Both organizations, SatCen and EMSA, have strong potential synergies. The Centre provides its expertise in the field of earth observation satellite imagery application for security, including specific training on imagery analysis. EMSA is developing a satellite imagery service centre and will support the SafeSeaNet system, the European maritime traffic monitoring system.

Potential ways ahead are identified, in particular, defining possibilities for joint use of information extracted from satellite imagery to the benefit of EU maritime security and safety policies.